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Online courses; Corporate courses; One to one private teaching

Monday Lunchtime drop-in sessions focussing on mindfulness and self-compassion

30 minute live online sessions resume from January 17th onwards. Session fee £7.

For more information, please send an email to the address at the foot of this page.

The 6 Week Foundation Course in Mindfulness and Self Compassion

Thursday evenings, 14th September to 19th October: 5pm to 7pm

Online on Zoom (participants receive an email with a link - just click and you will enter the session)

This course is open to all, and teaches the essential skills of mindfulness with a particular focus on self-compassion practice. Mindful Self-Compassion is an evidence-based intervention mapped by psychologists Paul Germer from Harvard and Kristin Neff from University of Texas. You will learn and practise core tools and techniques to integrate mindfulness based stress reduction, and mindful self-compassion (MSC) into your daily lives, as well as learning the shorter formal practices (limited to 20 minutes per practice). Through practices, exercises and evidence based learning, the course offers an opportunity to acquire skills and strategies for enduring positive health behaviours.

Typically, participants benefit in the following ways: mood improvement; increased motivation; increased self-confidence; reduction in stress; decreased anxiety; greater ability to self manage and feel peaceful.


The course includes the full complement of audio guides and written materials for home practice. For more information, please send an email to the address below.

Course fee £250 (concessions £190)


The 8 Week foundation course in Mindfulness (Stress Reduction and Cognitive Training)

Fridays, 4th February to 24th March: 4pm to 6pm

In person or online course on zoom tbc (participants will receive an email with a link. Just click and you will enter the session) 


The curriculum is made up of weekly sessions lasting two hours. It is designed to guide us to practice, integrate, and apply mindfulness in our everyday lives, to enable us to take home understanding, skills, strategies and positive health behaviours which can be used far beyond the completion of the course.

We use simple techniques, formal and informal practices to cultivate presence (being in the moment). We bring awareness to our automatic patterns of reactivity (as well as our cognitive distortions), whilst acquiring a freer relationship to them. This enables participants to become aware of their stress triggers, how they relate to experience, acquiring strategies which help to self regulate. Cultivating the ability to make choices about how we react to life's challenges, and using our minds rather than having our minds 'use' us. 

Downloads and hand-outs will be given to support home assignments, which help embed the practices into daily life.  Research has shown that participants benefit in a number of ways:

  • Mood improvement

  • Greater ability to manage stress and difficulty

  • More clarity/increased focus and concentration

  • kindness/friendliness to ourselves and others

  • A sense of living more fully, rather than just existing


Course fee:  £320

Concessions: £280

One to one as well as custom designed corporate teaching available online and in the London area.

Day Retreats

Day retreats are held in Wimbledon on Saturdays approximately three times a year. Cost £40.


For more information on all of the above please send an email to the address below. To check course dates and book a course, click on the green link below.

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