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Mindfulness is a simple and empowering form of attention training that enables us to make choices about what is shaping our mind, at any moment. We begin by learning how to be in the present moment, with awareness and without judgement. The first and immediate effect of this is relaxation and de-stressing.


With practice, mindfulness enables us to feel centred and stable even in the midst of real difficulty. We learn to reconnect with ourselves with perspective and with kindness. We grow in our capacity to unhook ourselves from thought patterns that pull us, unawares, in directions that are often unhelpful to us. We no longer get trapped in mind and emotional states, even those that have been habitual.  We develop greater clarity, increase our emotional resilience, and grow in our capacity to manage stress, anxiety and reactivity. Perhaps most surprisingly, what emerges from this training is a deep sense of connection and belonging. And so we build the pillars of our own enduring wellbeing.

Mindfulness is not about changing who we are, it is about rediscovering a natural wellspring of peace and contentment. We gently train our neural pathways towards a wellbeing that seeps into all aspects of our lives.



At Mindful-Ways we deliver group and one-to-one teaching. We offer the 8 week Mindfulness foundation course (grounded in MBSR - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and MBCT -Mindfulness Based Cognitive Training); we also offer shorter courses with an emphasis on MSC (mindful self-compassion) and day retreats. Our courses are in person and also online, live and delivered through zoom.  


The programmes are evidence based and the fruit of over 40 years of documented academic research in neuroscience, psychology and medicine.  A growing body of evidence has found that MBSR and MBCT have consistent positive effects on the mind, the body and behaviour, as well as on interpersonal relationships. Because of neural plasticity, we are able to retrain our neural pathways away from reactivity, stress, anxiety, low mood (and attendant behaviours), towards calmer responsiveness to the challenges of life. We grow in our capacity for sustainable energy and motivation. We acquire the tools to cultivate taking charge of our inner weather, even when it feels unsettled or stormy.


We do this with simple techniques, strategies and meditation based practices. Importantly, at the end of the 8 week course, participants are equipped to continue to build their emotional and mental resilience to ride the waves of life's challenges in a sustainable way. 


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